The Man Behind KIDD

Kidd Innovative Design is comprised of dedicated employees that prove to be masters of their given jobs.

Tony Kidd


Tony Kidd

10/20/2012 Inducted into the Army Marksmanship Hall of Fame for Support.  A great honor!
(02/2004 – 05/2008) Army Marksmanship Unit at Ft. Benning, GA to head their Research & Development Department (An offer I couldn’t refuse)K.I.D. Gunsmith Extraordinaire (1998-2004)Army Marksmanship Unit
(1994-1998) Chief Pistolsmith, Ft. Benning, Georgia factory trained Kreighoff, Walther, FAS, Anschutz, and Hammerli(1990-1994) Chief Pistolsmith, Ft. Hood, TexasGunsmith, San Antonio, Texas (1985-1990)

Hack Master Institute of Technology, (graduate with Honors) President of the Alumni Association, only member at this time!!!

Colorado School of Trades (1984-1985)

Texas State Technical College (1983 – 1984)

Outstanding Accomplishment of the Millennium

Pistolsmith for the Modern Pentathlon at the 1996 Olympic Games

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