Why the red trigger blade?

Tony used to get this question all the time. Mostly in a mocking tone. The short answer is “this was the full bounty of his advertising budget”. A bottle of red nail polish.

In 2000, shortly after Tony manufactured his two stage drop-in trigger unit he had to get the word out. But how? In the age before the internet was considered a utility there were magazines, catalogues, and word of mouth. Word of mouth being the least expensive advertising avenue, that is the one he chose. So how do you get people talking about a new kind of trigger for a rifle built by an accomplished pistol smith? You give a few away to the heavy hitters. At the time, these were Rob Leatham, Mike Voigt, Aren’t Meyers, and Doug Koenig. Tony gave these accomplished shooters free triggers so that they would experience the joy of shooting with his two stage trigger, see their amazing scores go even higher, and most vitally to Tony’s business venture tell lots of other people about his trigger. To distinguish his new trigger and accelerate the conversation Tony painted his trigger blade red. Hoping that this would get people asking questions about the new type of trigger. The bold advertising worked! Customers started ordering their must have two stage trigger. Even though, they asked “does the trigger blade come in any other color besides red?” No, not at the time. Initially, the two stage trigger was only sold with a red trigger blade.