About KIDD Innovative Design upgrades for the 10/22®

The Kidd Mission Statement

“As the owner and driving force behind Kidd Innovative Design, my foremost goal is to build and maintain the most reliable and accurate match grade products for the Ruger®10/22®Rifle.”

-Tony Kidd

Kidd Innovative Design
is all about producing the best product available and offering the best customer service. There are a few machines to cut the pieces but all the parts are assembled by careful hands. Our customer service representatives have been in the shop themselves to learn how all the pieces work together. This is important because most companies’ technical support offer customer representatives who page through a manual since they have never assembled the pieces themselves. We make our best effort to satisfy customers whenever they have questions.

2 responses to “About KIDD Innovative Design upgrades for the 10/22®

  1. I have a standard Ruger 10/22 with a Shilen barrel, and recently bought a Victor Company Titan stock for it. It shoots extremely well now, but I was unable to install my Timney trigger due to the extra metal in the rear tang area. In my old wood stock of course, it fit fine. Now I am interested in obtaining a KIDD 2 stage trigger, but first I need to know if there will be any issues in having it fit properly. I did ask Michael Victor and he indicated there was no problem installing this KIDD 2 Stage trigger. Are you aware of any required alteration of the trigger to properly install it in this Titan stock? Just need to be certain.

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