Question of the day…Why do you counterbore your threaded muzzle 1022 barrels?

We counterbore our threaded 1022 barrels to counter act the effects of the threading process on the end of the barrel.   When threading the limited metal mass of the muzzle the metal will open slightly.  And in world of the 1022 barrel that is the last thing that you want.  So we, at Kidd Innovative Design, take the extra time to provide a better quality product “qualityKIDD or QK not just QC” by counterboring the muzzle just past the threaded portion in order to get back into the thick of the barrel.  Then we crown the end.  Good shooting, 1022 Kidd

Question of the day…Will the 1022 magazine latch plunger with the standard plus spring hold my magazine better?

Our new 1022 magazine latch plunger is a replacement part for a Ruger 10/22 trigger or similar trigger clone in order to hold your magazine more stable due to the improved geometry in the cone of the plunger.  We offer two spring tensions, a standard spring that is similar to the Ruger spring and a standard plus spring that has more tension in the spring for increased pressure.  Good shooting, 1022KIDD

Question of the day…Does your drop-in trigger units fit in the Ruger 10/22 Takedown model or does it only fit in the Carbine model?

Both our single stage and two stage drop-in trigger units fit in the takedown, carbine, target, compact, tactical and sporter.  They also fit with a slight modification in the SR22.  We don’t charge for this mod, just let us know that you need it for the SR22 and we will take a little material off the rear tang of the trigger guard.  Our trigger job kit also works with each of these models.  Good shooting, 1022 Kidd

Question of the day… When will 1022 bolts be back in stock?

Our 1022 bolt offered in silver in both the matte and scalloped finish are in stock and we don’t anticipate any “dry spells” with them again.  However our black bolts both in the matte and scalloped are back ordered until mid August.  There is a bright light though, the finisher has been turning product over quicker lately so perhaps that mid August will turn into mid July.  Here at KIDD we can only hope…  Good shooting, 1022 Kidd

Question of the day…

Where do the springs that come in the weight tuning kit go?  They replace the trigger return spring in the Ruger trigger set up, the spring behind the trigger blade.  In order to gain access to this spring the internal hammer, sear, disconnect, and trigger blade must be removed. It is helpful to hold onto the slave pin we provide in the trigger job kit just in case you want to change the pull weight. That way you can remove the sear, disconnect and trigger blade as a sub-assembly rather than in pieces.  Good shooting, 1022 Kidd

Question of the day…

Why do I have to pay excise tax on your complete rifle but I don’t have to on a barreled action?  Excise tax is paid on all rifle by any major manufacturer.  Our customers see the excise tax calculation, which is 11% of the total because we build custom rifles so the price varies depending on the customers wish list.  On our complete rifles already assembled and ready to go there is not a separate excise tax calculation but I assure you that we pay the federal tax due on that rifle as well.  According to the IRS (the agency collecting the excise tax), a rifle is a barrel, receiver, and stock, so on a barreled action there is no stock…hence no excise tax.  Good shooting, 1022 KIDD